Starting over…

Well, it happened again. This is the second time I’ve had to do a complete and manual rebuild of this site. The first time, the recipe tool/database I was using went out of support and it just started to have some, shall we say, quirks and interesting messages would appear on pages containing recipes. So, I rebuilt – new tools, new looks – an all around better site. This time, I did it to myself. Somehow I managed to delete my WordPress and recipe databases. I took a deep breath and said to myself “no problem, that’s what backups are for, we’ll just restore and be good as new”. Then came the second uh-oh moment…backups, what backups? Turns out, I did not have backups of those particular databases.

I was finally able to dredge up a VERY old backup of the database from my previous recipe tool. This was less than ideal, it did not have any of the current/recent recipes from the site and it was not in a format that my current tools understand. But, it provided a starting point.

Months of reformatting the data so it could be imported into my current tools later, here we are. I will be “posting” each of those old recipes anew (no commentary, just a post of each recipe to get them back onto the site) so please bear with me as I work through this second disaster. I promise, once I get all the old content back up, I will begin posting new adventures in delicious sweets once more!

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