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Lucifer's Own Molten Brownies
When I came across this recipe in my efforts to repopulate my recipe index, I realized that I had never attached a photo.  Obviously that meant that I needed to make them right away so I could capture a photo to share! This was one of my first forays into creating (or heavily adapting) my …
Brownie For One - Classic Prep
Mini and single serving desserts are all the rage across the internet these days.  There are more recipes for mug cakes out there than I ever would have imagined, and the craze has extended to cookies and brownies as well.  I love the concept of these desserts; the near instant gratification and the built in …
Mocha Chocolate Chunk Brownies
A rich fudgy brownie with just a hint of coffee in the background.
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I originally created these brownies as a crust for my Triple Chocolate Mocha Cheesecake.  I wanted something that would add to the mocha flavor and, while I positively adore a good graham cracker crust I am not quite as fond of the chocolate cookie crumb crusts.  I have used a number of brownie recipes as …