Is a six year hiatus too long to come back from?  I guess you’ll have to tell me, as this is my first post in about that long.  It is a sorry excuse, but all I can say is life happened.  Work got busier.  The “Little Prince” was joined by another “Little Prince” and then a “Little Princess”.   I still stopped by occasionally to upload a new recipe here and there, but I never seemed to find the time to actually write a new post.  Uploading recipes was a convenience for me – it made it easy to reference them from a tablet in my kitchen.

Then, disaster struck.  The extremely outdated and unsupported application I was using for my recipe index bit the dust.  All those recipes I had uploaded to have available at the convenient touch of a button (or screen) were no longer accessible.  Obviously, something had to be done.  So here I am, giving this blog a face lift, adding a brand new recipe management application and beginning the laborious process of importing all of my previously uploaded recipes into the new recipe app.

If anyone is still bothering to stop by after all this time, you will see a spike in activity as each new (old) recipe is re-added to the site.  The good news is that we get to revisit all those recipes and the new application allows for better sharing, printing, searching, and well, everything!