Lightly adapted from Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Mudslide cookies.  These delectable morsels don’t know whether to be a cookie or a brownie.  The cookie “dough” is very loose and greatly resembles brownie batter until after it rests.  Like any good brownie recipe, there is proportionately very little flour in these cookies and a whole lot of chocolate.  Resting the dough isn’t so much to allow the flour to absorb the moisture as it is to allow all that melted chocolate to set a bit so you can more easily scoop up cookie sized balls of dough.  After baking the edges are slightly crisp while the center is soft and fudgy.  The salt on the top provides a light crunch and really makes the chocolate flavor pop.  And boy does the chocolate pop; these are intense, deep, dark chocolate cookies.  If you aren’t on your way to your kitchen to make these already you should be.  Just have a glass of milk on standby and you won’t regret it.