I think I am still recovering from the Little Prince’s birthday celebration – or more accurately, from the preparations for the celebration – but I wanted to share a few shots of the completed cake. (If you’d like more detail on the recipes used and early preparation take a peek at the test run from last week)

There were several times during the baking, trimming, shaping, building, frosting and decorating of this cake that I felt overwhelmed and certain that I had bitten off so much more than I could chew.  The Little Prince’s excitement and Prince Charming’s support ensured that I persevered and completed the cake.

I used the Double Chocolate Chip Pound Cake for the bottom layer and the Dulce de Leche Vanilla Bean Pound Cake for the top layer.  The truck is a marbling of the two cakes.  As I was making the cakes for the sheet layers I found myself with extra batter so I swirled it into a couple more pans which yielded enough cake to assemble the truck.

I ended up rushing more elements of this cake than I would like to get it done before the guests arrived and the resulting imperfections seem quite glaring to me, but over all I must admit that I am happy with the results.  In particular I love the cab of the truck.  I achieved the exact shade of red I was aiming for, the frosting smoothed out perfectly and I can’t help but think the face is adorable.

From this angle you can see the dump bed is lifted and appears to be dumping to the lower cake level.  I had a number of technical difficulties with the dump bed and correcting those left the finish looking a bit sloppy.  But it stood up to being on the table for several hours for the guests to admire, the Little Prince was just tickled pink with his “biiig bump truck!” and as Prince Charming noted, it is a dump truck, it should have some bumps and dings.

And finally, I like to make a small “smash” cake that fits the theme of the larger cake for the Little Prince to dive into.  This year he got the spare tire on a bed of “gravel.” Unlike last year, his only interest was the frosting so he basically removed the treads from the tire and decided he was done.  But judging by the frosting coverage on his hands, face and chest I would say he really enjoyed it.

Here’s hoping that the lessons learned this year will stick with me for next year, now I’m off to complete my recovery.