This week we can thank Lynne of Honey Muffin for choosing Double Apple Bundt Cake (pages 184 and 185). I may have mentioned before (in fact I’m pretty certain I have) that the only fruit I really like in a dessert is apples so I was pretty excited to give this cake a try.

Since I am (as always) cutting this pretty close to the wire, let’s jump right in…

My food web browsing has turned up any number of drool inspiring caramel apple recipes recently; pies, muffins, cheesecakes, breads, you name it I’ve probably seen a recipe for it just in the past couple of weeks.  All of this caramel apple goodness inspired me to try and bring that flavor to life in this cake.  I made the cake batter according to the recipe, but I omitted the raisins and the nuts from the batter.  I made a mixture of dulce de leche and candied pecan pieces which I swirled into the batter.  To top it all off I made a caramel glaze and served the cake with caramel sauce.

The cake is wonderfully dense and moist and I thought it paired perfectly with the caramel and candied pecans – definitely reminiscent of a caramel apple dipped in nuts.  “Prince Charming” was a big fan, although I think anything that he could use  as a vehicle for eating the caramel sauce would make him happy I did have him try the cake without the caramel sauce and he pronounced it “very good!”

Thank you to Lynne for a great pick this week.  As always, remember to take a look at the TWD blogroll to see what my fellow bakers have come up with for this recipe.