This week Sabrina of Superfluous chose Cranberry Upside-Downer on page 206 of Dorie’s book.  Now, I’m not entirely sure how this could have happened, but it seems that this may be my very first upside down cake.  At least I can’t recall having made any variety of upside down cake before.

I still have cookies and cake and ice cream left over from “the Little Prince’s” birthday party but cranberries, pecans and a lightly spiced cake sounded like a winner to me…

Since I did have so many left over sweets in the house I made a slightly smaller version of this cake (roughly 2/3 the original recipe as dictated by the size pans I have available).  I did not have fresh or frozen cranberries so I used dried cranberries which I re-hydrated using a mixture of orange and apple juices.  I used a mix of raspberry and apple jellies to glaze the top of the cake.

“Prince Charming” and I agree that this tastes like a breakfast or coffee cake more than a dessert; which is not to say we didn’t enjoy it because we most certainly did.  The “Little Prince” mostly just pushed his taste around his high chair tray without eating much of it at all, but I think we can attribute that to him being full from a good dinner rather than any actual dislike.

Thank you to Sabrina for hosting this week, you can find a full copy of the recipe on her site.  As always, make sure you take a peek at the TWD blogroll to see what other TWDers have done with this recipe.