Natalia of gatti fili e farina chose Gingered Carrot Cookies for this week’s TWD challenge.  At first I was somewhat ambivalent about this recipe.  I like carrot cake, but I don’t love it and I generally prefer my carrot cake minus all the traditional extras (i.e. coconut, raisins, nuts, etc.) and with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting on top.

However, after reading through the recipe a couple of times I decided I was at least a little bit excited about this one after all…

You see, the only thing in this recipe that “the Little Prince” has not yet sampled is the nuts.  And…it didn’t sound like they were overly sweet.  I started to think that maybe these would be a nice little treat for a good little boy that finished all of his dinner.  I love making new things for my son; watching him take the first bite of something brand new, whether he ends up liking it or not, never fails to entertain me.

So I pulled out my mixing bowl and got to work.  I decided to leave out the nuts, switched the ratio on the sugars, upped the carrot and coconut slightly and reduced the raisins slightly.  I also reduced the ginger slightly, increased the nutmeg slightly and added a bit of cinnamon.  Before baking I flattened the cookies just a smidge with a glass dipped in a cinnamon sugar mixture.  After the cookies baked and cooled I drizzled them with a lightly sweetened cream cheese glaze.

I ended up making two sizes of cookies, roughly two inch diameter (pictured here) and roughly one inch diameter (just for baby). After dinner tonight “Prince Charming” deposited a small cookie on “the Little Prince’s” tray.  “The Little Prince” closely examined the cookie then took a hesitant first bite, just testing the waters.  He then crumbled the cookie on his tray leading me to think that perhaps he wasn’t too fond of it.  I was just about to remove the crumbled remains from his tray he snatched up the largest chunk and stuffed it in his mouth, closely followed by the remaining bits and pieces.  I think it is safe to say these were a hit with the baby.

From my perspective, these strike me more as a snack than a dessert even after drizzling them with glaze, but that is not a bad thing by any means.  If you like carrot cake and cake like cookies I think you will definitely enjoy these.  Click on over to Natalia’s site for the recipe and give them a shot for yourself.