This week’s TWD is Espresso Chocolate Shortbread cookies chosen by Donna of Life’s Too Short Not to Eat Dessert First. I know it has been a couple weeks since I have posted; “Prince Charming” and I are moving into a new house and needless to say I’ve been a tad bit busy. We have painted (or are still in the process of painting) all but a couple rooms in the house, closed off a redundant doorway and moved the entire contents of our old house plus a storage unit into the new house over the past few weeks.

I did, however, manage to clear enough space in my new kitchen to give these cookies a try. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to snap any pictures yet, hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

I couldn’t make up my mind between the original recipe or Dorie’s playing around version so I ended up making both versions…with a couple of small tweaks.

For the espresso chocolate version, I increased the espresso by a smidge, replaced about 1/4 of flour with cocoa powder and upped the chocolate bits a little as well. I was very careful with my butter temperature and my mixing; the resulting texture was perfect (for shortbread, not necessarily my ideal) and they had a rich mocha flavor.

For the oatmeal spice version the only change I made was to add chocolate bits to them. Somehow I expected a bit more from this version, it fell a little flat for me. The flavor wasn’t bad, but the texture didn’t seem to match the flavor profile – the message my taste buds sent to my brain was that these should be chewy!

Head over to Donna’s site to grab the recipe for yourself (or check out Dorie’s book, of course).