This week’s recipe is chocolate ganache ice cream chosen by Katrina of Baking and Boys…and can I just say wow?  My absolute favorite dessert in general is ice cream, more specifically chocolate ice cream, so it is really no surprise that this recipe was right up my alley.

The only question in my mind was what am I going to add to it…

I decided on a salted caramel and fudge brownie ice cream. I made a double batch of salted caramel sauce and a very large batch of salted caramel brownies.  I chopped some of the brownies into small chunks which I added to the mix in the last few minutes of churning.  I swirled a generous ribbon of salted caramel into the ice cream as I was packing it into an air tight container for freezing.

I served the ice cream with the salted caramel brownies and a drizzle of the salted caramel sauce.  Did I mention wow already?  This was pure rich decadence, I was sorely tempted to lick the plate after savoring every last morsel.  I think I need someone to come eat the rest of this before I do!

If I encountered any trouble with this recipe it was that I cooked the custard a smidge too long so it set up too firm in the refrigerator before churning.  I blended a little extra cream into it to loosen it up, but it was just too thick to churn in my ice cream maker (it literally froze the paddle in place as I was spooning it in).  I ended up using my food processor with 30 minute intervals in the freezer and the resulting texture wasn’t really what I had hoped for.  Next time I will remember to cook the custard a bit less so I have something of pourable consistency.

Now, do yourself a favor and hurry over to Katrina’s site for the full recipe – I promise you will not regret it.