This week’s recipe was selected by Karen of Welcome to our Crazy Blessed Life; she selected Brrrr-ownies on page 103.  Now, I’ve never met the brownie that I truly didn’t like and “Prince Charming” is a huge fan of chocolate and mint so I knew this was a must bake recipe.

However, I’m not nearly the mint fan my hubby is so I decided I would make the recipe as written for him, but also do a modified batch for me…

Here are the Brrrr-ownies as Dorie intended.  I know a number of my fellow TWD-ers mentioned that their peppermint patties melted entirely into the brownies so I may have chopped them a bit coarser than Dorie intended since many of the chunks of peppermint patty are clearly visible.  “Prince Charming” enjoyed these very much (definitely ranked them above the variant I made for myself) but we both agreed these weren’t the best brownies I’d ever made or that we’d ever tasted.

My local grocery store was running a clearance sale on the Reese’s Cluster candies this week and I decided those would make the perfect variation for me.  If you haven’t tried a Reese’s Cluster, yet imagine a turtle with peanut butter and peanuts added to it and you won’t be far off.  I chopped them into chunks and folded them into the batter just like the peppermint patties in the original recipe.  I definitely preferred these to the originals, but that is only to be expected.  Overall, I would still say that while these are good brownies and I appreciate the fudgy texture and crackly top, they are not the best brownies I’ve made.  That being said, I do think I’d make both variations again.

To make your own Brrrr-ownies, head on over to Karen’s site for the recipe and don’t forget to take a look at what my fellow TWD-ers have done in the TWD Blogroll.