As usual, I’m cutting it pretty close to the wire for my TWD post.  Maybe someday organization and time management will return to my life.  In the mean time, let’s discuss Elizabeth of Cake or Death? selection of Apple-Apple Bread Pudding on pages 408 and 409 of Dorie’s book.

I think I may have mentioned it the last time we did a bread pudding, but in general I would say they aren’t my favorite dessert.  I’m really not sure why – in essence they are a baked french toast and french toast is listed among my favorite breakfast foods.  Maybe that is the issue, maybe bread pudding just seems more like a breakfast than a dessert.  That being said, I was surprised to find that I really did enjoy this particular bread pudding…

Visually I found this bread pudding more appealing than most. I believe that is a result of the layering which creates a more orderly and uniform surface than is normal for a bread pudding.

As usual, I found myself compelled to tinker with the recipe.  I used a combination of challah bread and raisin bread for this recipe.  I used approximately 1.25 times the total amount of bread called for and arranged it in 3 layers.  As a result, the bread layers were a bit more sparse than I think Dorie intended.  I used 5 apples instead of 3 and sliced them thinner than Dorie recommended.  I also added cinnamon and a pinch of salt to the apples.  These were arranged in 2 layers between the bread layers.  I made about 1.3 times the amount of custard; this higher custard to bread ratio resulted in an overall creamier texture than is normal in a bread pudding.

I chose to serve the pudding with a scoop of caramel praline ice cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce.  “Prince Charming” found this to be a very tasty dessert and I can’t say that I disagree.  Perhaps there is hope yet for bread puddings.

For the full recipe make sure to check out Elizabeth’s site (or Dorie’s book, of course) and take a peak at the TWD blog roll to see what my fellow bloggers have done with this recipe.


Now for the exciting news part…

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