A little over a week later than promised, I’m finally posting my very first product review and reader giveaway.

So what exactly am I reviewing? Well, it isn’t exactly food (or even technically food related), but it is fun and at least looks like chocolate…

Something I may not have mentioned before is that I’m a bit of a gadget geek.  If it is shiny, has buttons and someone tells me it is cutting edge I’m instantly interested.  So when I was approached about reviewing the Chococase I have to admit it tickled my fancy – gadget geek meets chocoholic, what’s not to love.

What exactly is a Chococase you might ask (and rightly so).  The Chococase is a novelty cover for the Apple iPhone 3G S/3G.  It is made of soft flexible silicone molded to look like a chocolate bar and, like more typical cell phone cases, it provides protection for the device.  I don’t actually have an iPhone myself, but “Prince Charming” does and he was happy to give the Chococase a trial run.

Of course the very first thing you notice is the product packaging.  I thought it was very clever; the box is designed to look like a gourmet chocolate bar.  It even includes “Nutrition Facts” on the back panel – which include a serving size (1 case) and percentages for creativity, artistic and functional (all 100%)

Once out of the packaging, you can see that the detail on the case is very good.  With the phone face down it does look just like a chocolate bar, including the segments for easy breaking and even the text on each individual segment of “chocolate”.   When you flip the phone face side up you can see there is enough of a rim of silicone to provide some protection for the screen (this wouldn’t replace a screen protector for the phone, but it would help prevent the phone from taking any damage when placed face down on a more or less level surface).

“Prince Charming” took his Chococase encased iPhone to work with him over the course of a week.  He had a bit of fun at the expense of some of his co-workers by offering them pieces of his chocolate bar (most were initially fooled, but noticed the various port/mic/speaker openings in the edge of the case pretty quickly).

If you require serious protection/ruggedization (is that a word?) for your iPhone this probably isn’t the case for you.  But, if you want a fun and interesting way to provide a basic level of protection for your iPhone, I would say this product fits the bill.  It will make you smile and think of chocolate – two things guaranteed to make your day better!

If you’d like to check out more product details, photos and purchasing information click HERE or if you’d like to see other iPhone cover options from the same vendor click HERE.

If you would like to enter to win your very own Chococase just submit a comment on this post telling me how a Chococase could make your day better before 7:00pm (Pacific Time) on Wednesday 6/2/10.  The winner will be selected via a random number generator and announced on Thursday 6/3/10.

Good luck!