It seems I’ve been somewhat lax in my TWD participation recently; I hope to remedy that starting now.  This week Melissa of Love At First Bite chose Sweet Cream Biscuits on page 23. I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to do these or not, they aren’t exactly the type of thing you bring to work to share around and we certainly didn’t need to keep them all in the house after the recent holiday excess.

But then, I had an idea…

It started with the biscuits of course.

These were so very easy to whip up – toss all the dry ingredients together and then add liquid until a soft dough forms.  I don’t think it gets too much easier than that, especially since the less you mix and work these the better they will be. I knew that I was going to be making a sweet treat for my co-workers so I upped the sugar just a little bit, but other than that I kept the biscuits as is.  They were really quite tasty all on their own or with a little drizzle of honey.  “Prince Charming” always likes biscuits so he would have been perfectly content to eat the whole batch this way.

Then I dressed them all up.  I wanted something along the lines of strawberry shortcake but with a filling/topping that would hold up better to traveling and sitting on a table at work than whipped cream.  So, I made a vanilla bean pastry cream and a vanilla honey glaze.  I split each biscuit in half and layered in the pastry cream with sweetened sliced strawberries then topped them with a drizzle of the vanilla honey glaze.

“Prince Charming” was a huge fan of these, I think his eyes actually rolled up in his head when he tasted them.  I sent some into work with him and took the rest into work with me where our co-workers made short work of them.

If you’d like to give these simple yet tasty biscuits a try head over to Melissa’s site for the recipe and make sure you check out the TWD blogroll for more biscuit baking fun.