This week’s recipe was chosen by Kait of Kait’s Plate? – My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies from page 68 of Dorie’s Baking:  From My Home to Yours. I positively love chocolate chip cookies and I’m afraid I have to disagree with these being the “Best.”  It’s not that they are terrible, it is hard to find a terrible chocolate chip cookie, but I did find them disappointing.

I ended up making two variants of these cookies…

The first variation is Dorie’s recipe as it was written (minus the nuts).  As you can see they turned out quite flat and a bit on the dark side.  The dough was thoroughly chilled before baking and I baked them for less time than Dorie recommended and they still spread all over the pan and darkened too much.  They were also rather greasy – they almost had the appearance of something that had been deep fried.

The second variation is something I’m calling Mocha Coconut Crunch cookies – I added espresso powder, cocoa, coconut and walnuts to this batch.  Like the first batch I made sure the dough was thoroughly chilled before baking and I reduced the baking time by several minutes.   I think these worked out a bit better, they held their shape better and weren’t quite as greasy.  I think I will try tweaking these a bit to get a thicker, less greasy cookie as I really enjoyed the flavors.

“Prince Charming” wasn’t terribly impressed with either variant either – his primary complaint was the greasiness of them.  But, if he had to choose he would take the first variation over the second – but I expected that since he isn’t a fan of coconut, nuts or coffee 🙂

While I can’t personally recommend these if you want to give them a try visit Kait’s site for the full recipe or find it in Dorie’s book.  You should also check out the blog roll as quite a few TWD-ers were enthusiastic fans of these cookies if the P&Q is anything to judge by.