Welcome to this week’s installment of TWD !  This makes 3 weeks in a row for me (after my somewhat unexpected month long absence); which might just mean I’m back on track again.  Of course, it is pretty easy for me to stay on track when my fellow bakers seem to be on a chocolate streak.  Seriously, I am absolutely loving our current chocolate trend.

This week, Kristin of I’m Right About Everything continued that trend with  Milk Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes (pages 188 and 189)…

I was very excited to see this recipe come up.  Not only was it a chocolate recipe, but it gave me a chance to use this:

My mother gave me this mini bundt pan for Christmas and I hadn’t yet come up with an excuse to use it.  I love that the actual molds are silicone, but they are connected with the rigid aluminum around the tops – much easier to handle than my entirely silicone muffin “tin” and the mini cakes released perfectly.  I think the molds in my pan are a little smaller than Dorie’s though as I had some extra batter and swirl. I baked the extra in a couple of  6 oz ramekins, which did not release very well even though I very generously buttered them.

Before I unveil the adorable little mini cakes, let’s talk about what I changed this time:

1) I replaced the sugar in the swirl mixture with packed brown sugar – I prefer the flavor and it is moister.

2) I replaced half the sugar in the cake batter with packed brown sugar – Again, I was hoping for a little more moisture in the cake.

3) I used buttermilk in place of whole milk (per Dorie’s “Playing Around” instructions) – This was mostly because I had buttermilk or 1% milk on hand and figured buttermilk was the better option.

4) I used half semi-sweet and half milk chocolate in the batter – I prefer a more intense chocolate flavor and there were several comments on the P&Q about how lacking in chocolate flavor these cakes were, so I was hoping to achieve a balance.

5) I added mini chocolate chips to the batter – Just because. More chocolate is always better, right?.

6) I added cream to the glaze – The combination of corn syrup and chocolate was far too thick as many of my fellow TWD’ers have mentioned. Considering how many of us had difficulty with this glaze I’m wondering if there was a misprint in the book.

And now for the good stuff…

Aren’t they just the cutest little cakes?  “Prince Charming” says they look like little donuts, and I suppose that isn’t an inaccurate assessment – the pattern on my bundt molds isn’t very clear on the finished cake, especially after glazing, but I still say they are adorable.

Here is one that was baked in a ramekin.  You may notice that it has been double glazed.  The first layer was an attempt to apply the much too thick glaze which really went on more like a frosting and did not work well at all on the delicate little bundt cakes (I tried it on one of them before I decided there was no avoiding thinning out that glaze).  The second layer was added when I wanted to test the new glaze consistency.  But who can really complain about an extra layer of chocolate?

Since I had a cake that didn’t release properly from the ramekin, “Prince Charming” had the opportunity to try one of these right out of the oven (sans glaze, of course) and loved it.  When we each had one later that night for dessert he was a bit disappointed, he still said it was good but not as good as before – even the addition of the glaze didn’t boost the review.  Last night I warmed our cakes up a little before serving and we both decided that was the only way to eat these.

Thank you to Kristin for continuing our chocolate streak and, as always, make sure you check out the TWD blog roll for more takes on this week’s recipe.