I’m sad to say the TWD chocolate streak has come to an end; it appears that there is no chocolate in sight until the middle of March (unless I make a few tweaks, which I just might!).

This week’s TWD assignment was selected by Michelle of Flourchild.  She decided on the Honey-Wheat Cookies from page 81 of Dorie’s book.  When I first read this recipe I thought I might omit the lemon zest and add some grated chocolate to the dough instead, but after reading the P&Q I decided to give this recipe a shot as it was written.  I have since come to regret that decision…

These cookies are certainly more photogenic than last week’s chocolate chip cookies but I’m afraid that is really the best I can say for them.  Normally, I rather like the combination of honey and wheat so I believe it was the addition of the lemon zest that ruined these for me.  I tasted these as dough, straight out of the oven and completely cooled;  I think they were best right out of the oven although they rather reminded me of TheraFlu and best is really a relative term.

I had “Prince Charming” try them straight from the oven – he made a face after the first bite, didn’t say much of anything and wasn’t terribly quick to finish his half a cookie.  I had him try again after they were cooled and he was even less receptive to them.  He said they taste very medicinal to him.  Since I made these on Sunday they have sat untouched on the counter; I don’t think the seal on the container they are in was even broken for anything other than taking a few out for their photo op.

I’m glad so many of my fellow TWD-ers enjoyed these, but I’m afraid I found them to be a let down especially after all the rave reviews I read.  Next time I will be sure to stick with my first instinct.

Thank you to Michelle for selecting a recipe I would not have chosen on my own – I may not have enjoyed the cookies but as I’ve mentioned in the past, part of the pleasure in participating in this group is that it stretches the boundaries of my comfort zone and exposes me to flavors and textures that I might otherwise pass over.