This week we have Steph of Obsessed with Baking to thank for choosing Cocoa-Nana Bread on page 46 of Dorie’s book.  I’m sure you’ve seen me write (over and over again) on this blog that chocolate and fruit should never be combined – but as the old adage goes, there is an exception to every rule.  I have to admit that I enjoy some variations of banana and chocolate and I cannot deny that bananas are, in fact, fruit.

As a general rule I prefer my banana bread with chocolate chips in it (and with a little peanut butter on it), so, as soon as I saw this recipe on the schedule I was convinced I would enjoy it…

And I wasn’t wrong!

Overall, I really enjoyed this – I mean, look at it! What is not to enjoy?

That being said, I think there is room for improvement.  I love the intensity of the chocolate flavor; between the full cup of cocoa in the dry ingredients and the bittersweet chocolate chunks this bread had a deep dark chocolate flavor.  However, I think the bread could have benefited from a little more moistness – I think just 1 more banana may have done the trick (of course bananas don’t come in regulated sizes so it may just be that the bananas I had were smaller than Dorie intended).  I think the additional banana would have brought the banana flavor more to the forefront as well.

“Prince Charming’s” verdict was that this bread was definitely me – he liked it, but he tends to prefer a bit of a lighter chocolate.  I enjoyed the bread plain, with a little Nutella or (my favorite) with a nice layer of peanut butter.

Thanks again to Steph – great choice this week.  Don’t forget to explore the TWD blogroll for more chocolate banana fun.