With all my holiday baking this week I find myself right down to the wire for my TWD post (not that a last minute post is so terribly unusual for me, but I’m taking a break from baking for a few moments to get this posted before midnight).  This week Macduff of The Lonely Sidecar selected Cafe Volcano Cookies (page 153).  Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff…

The good stuff, of course, being a picture of these interesting cookies.

volcano cookies

I found that the coffee flavor in these wasn’t as intense as I expected and complimented the toasted nut flavors nicely.  I decided to dip half of mine in white chocolate and half in dark chocolate; I thought this might make them look a bit more “dressed up” on my holiday tray for work.  Unfortunately, since the chocolate literally just set up enough for me to take this picture I have yet to try the dipped varieties and “Prince Charming” hasn’t tried them at all.  I will see what I can do about updating this post with taste testing results tomorrow.

In the mean time, head over to Macduff’s site for the full recipe – these may not be the prettiest cookies on the tray but they are tasty!


Wednesday December 16 – Update:

“Prince Charming” has now had a chance to try these.  He called them “popcorn cookies” and said they were surprisingly crispy.  He likes them and prefers the ones with the dark chocolate coating.  I surprised myself by preferring the white chocolate coating; while I love the flavor of dark chocolate I found that the white chocolate allowed the toasted nut and coffee flavors to come through clearly.