This week’s recipe, Sugar Topped Molasses Spice Cookies (pg 76-77) selected by Pamela of Cookies with Boys turned out to be quite the pleasant surprise.  Before I even made these cookies I told “Prince Charming” that I was sending them into work with him because I didn’t think I was going to like them.

Why not you ask?

Well, the picture along side the recipe showed a very thin flat cookie that looked very much like it was going to be a crisp cookie.  In my book, cookies should be soft and chewy, never crispy or crumbly.  So it was with that preconceived notion that I began making these cookies…

Boy was I ever wrong!


As it turns out these cookies were ever so slightly crisp at the edges from the sugar they were rolled in, but marvelously chewy in the center.  And they had a wonderful depth of flavor.  I ended up using robust molasses and dark brown sugar because that was what was open in my pantry but I don’t regret that at all as I think it just added more depth.

After baking the first half of the dough I did decide the cookies were too large so I divided the second half of the dough into 20 cookies rather than 12 and baked them for 9 minutes instead of 12.

When I was first considering this recipe and erroneously thinking the cookies would be crispy I came up with a plan to make them more palatable to me.  I would turn them into ice cream sandwiches!

ice cream sandwiches

My local grocery store had this very thick, rich and creamy eggnogs in a few different flavors.  I bought the vanilla and pumpkin varieties for my little experiment.  I added some pumpkin pie spice to them and churned each flavor into ice cream.  After they set up in the freezer a bit I used them in these ice cream sandwiches.  “Prince Charming” absolutely loved the sandwich with the pumpkin eggnog ice cream while I preferred the one with the vanilla eggnog ice cream but I think it is safe to say they were both a hit.

A big thanks to Pamela for this week’s selection – make sure you head over to her site for the recipe, it is certainly worth making.