This week’s TWD hostess is April of  Short + Rose and she chose the Cherry Fudge Brownie Torte.  Unlike our lovely hostess I really prefer not to sully my chocolate with cherries (or any other kind of fruit for that matter).

After reading the recipe I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to attempt this one or not – it was a more complicated and time consuming recipe which I wasn’t certain the little prince would give me the opportunity to complete and I wouldn’t even get to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  But “Prince Charming” was very supportive and nearly insisted that I should get back on my TWD wagon…of course he absolutely loves cherries and chocolate so I think his motives may have been somewhat suspect!

I decided there was no way I could expend the effort required for this recipe and not have something that I would enjoy to show for it at the end but I wanted “Prince Charming” to enjoy it as well.  So, I decided to make two versions of this dessert.

Cherry Torte

First, I made half the recipe as intended with the cherries, cherry preserves, and cherry brandy (there was no kirsch to be found here).  I took Dorie’s suggestion for decorating the top of the mousse and I think it looks quite pretty.  The only change I made was to replace 2/3 of the cream in the mousse with some very thick and creamy vanilla eggnog I came across at the store.

Cherry Torte Slice

Looking at this slice of the torte I was almost convinced that it really would taste good…almost..

Turtle Torte

But I had also made a turtle version.  Instead of the cherries I added coarsely chopped pecans, Kraft caramel bits, about 1/8 cup caramel sauce and a teaspoon or so of espresso powder to the brownie layer. I left the mousse the same as for the cherry version but I used chocolate and caramel sauces to decorate the top.  In retrospect I should have used just the chocolate sauce; the caramel sauce just bled into the mousse over night so I didn’t get pictures with the clear lines of caramel on the top.

Turtle Torte Slice

Now this one I just couldn’t wait to taste, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I think I could have skipped the caramel sauce in the batter – all it really did was change the consistency enough that it didn’t bake quite the same as the original recipe.  But as far as flavor goes, I quite enjoyed this.

“Prince Charming” says that the cherry version was good, but not as spectacular as he was expecting. He was expecting the mousse to be a bit sweeter and the cherry flavor to be more intense.  He also said he wanted to try it again just to give it a fair chance so it couldn’t have been too bad.

Thank you to April for hosting this week and to “Prince Charming” for encouraging me to make this recipe and making sure that the little prince was occupied long enough for me to complete it.  Don’t forget to check out April’s site for the recipe!