It’s another Tuesday and I actually have something to post!

I missed the last couple of weeks primarily because “Prince Charming” and I were spending some time out of town for the holiday.  When I saw that one of the recipes I missed was a brownie recipe I decided I just had to double up this week.

So, let us begin with the Tribute to Katherine Hepburn Brownies found on pages 96-97…


I stayed pretty true to this recipe, with the exception of leaving out the nuts.  I never have been a big fan of nuts in my brownies, so I added more chunks of chocolate instead.  I am, however, a big fan of the cinnamon and chocolate flavor combination which meant there was no need to mess with the rest of this recipe.  Generally speaking I prefer a thicker brownie, but these did not disappoint.  They were rich and fudgy, the top had a nice crackle to it and the cinnamon and coffee complemented the chocolate flavor very well.  These brownies were a hit with “Prince Charming” and with my co-workers.

Now that I have my chocolate fix, I feel that we can move on to the current TWD assignment.  Denise of Chez Us picked the Brioche Plum Tart recipe on pages 54-55 of Dorie’s book.  Let me just say, I do not like plums…never have and likely never will.   In fact, I like them so very little that I nearly decided to take another pass this week.  But, I did find the whole concept of a brioche tart interesting and I haven’t actually made my own brioche before so I decided to give it a go with apples instead of the plums.

brioche tart whole

Here’s we have the finished product.  You can see the lovely flutes on the sides of the tart and I think the slices of apple look quite pretty.  I’m afraid that even though I tented foil over the tart earlier than Dorie indicated it still darkened a bit more than I would have liked.

I decided to make a little more of the sugar and nut mixture than the recipe called for so I could do a double layer of the apples with the sugar and nuts.  I also substituted brown sugar for half of the white sugar and added just a bit of cinnamon.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get the opportunity to try this one on the day it was made.

brioche tart slice

But we warmed up a slice to try today.  Both “Prince Charming” and I agreed that this made for a very tasty breakfast pastry.  “Prince Charming” liked the thickness of the crust, and he felt that it rounded it out as a breakfast item rather than a dessert.  I’m glad I did a double layer of the apples or I think they wouldn’t have stood up to the brioche crust.

Thank you to Denise for this week’s selection; yet again a fellow TWD-er has chosen something that gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons a bit.  Head over to her site to check out the full recipe and don’t forget to explore the TWD blog roll for more interpretations of Brioche Plum Tart.