Welcome back fellow TWD’ers.  I know my participation has been somewhat spotty lately; unfortunately I expect that will likely continue until sometime after the baby is born but I will do my very best to be here and posting!

This week  Tommi of Brown Interior selected Honey-Peach Ice Cream (page 437 in Dorie’s book)…

Generally speaking I’m a big fan of ice cream, but my idea of ice cream involves chocolate, chocolate, more chocolate and crunchy bits and chewy bits and gooey bits mixed in.  Fruit does not figure prominently (read at all) in my idea of ice cream.  But I must admit that a peach ice cream just about screams summer.

honey peach ice cream

I knew that I wouldn’t eat this ice cream if it had chunks of frozen peach in it, so I pureed all of my peaches to add to the ice cream base.  One thing that definitely impressed me about this recipe was the texture of the ice cream after churning.  It was very creamy and smooth, even after a night in the freezer it was scoopable almost right from the freezer (that is virtualy unheard of in my house, even with store bought ice creams).  I split my batch into two containers.  One I left plain, the other I folded crumbled almond wafer cookies (used as garnish in the photo) into to provide some texture.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of either version, but I do prefer the version with the cookie pieces in it.  “Prince Charming” said it was good – not his most enthusiastic endorsement, but at least we didn’t hate it.

Thank you Tommi for hosting this week!  Don’t forget to check out the myriad different versions of this recipe on the TWD blogroll.