*UPDATE* I’m obvioulsy a complete scatter brain.  I wrote this post on Tuesday at 9:52 PM and I THOUGHT I published it.  Obviously not since I have just discovered it has a Draft status.

It’s Tuesday again and time for TWD.  I know I’ve missed a few and I apologize to those who stopped by over the last few weeks to find nothing new at all, never mind the expected TWD posts.

I’m afraid I just haven’t been feeling up to baking recently, or up to much of anything else for that matter.  But this weekend was a nice long weekend and “Prince Charming” was out of town so I needed something to take my mind off being lonely.  This week’s Chipster Topped Brownie recipe certainly qualified.

chipster topped brownies

Here they are in all their glory – rich chewy brownie topped with a layer of chocolate chip cookie.   The hardest part of this entire recipe was getting the cookie dough to spread over the top of the brownie batter.  It certainly would have been easier to reverse the layers, but I don’t think the effect would have been the same.  The very top of the cookie layer was surprisingly crisp, something that couldn’t have been achieved if the cookie layer was on the bottom.

I’m not a big fan of nuts in my brownies so I substituted chocolate chunks and crushed toffee. I also added some crushed toffee to the cookie dough.  Both “Prince Charming” and I heartily approve of this recipe.  Even without any dressing up these made a delicious dessert with an ice cold glass of milk.

If you are interested in the recipe you can head over to Beth’s site, Supplicious, or pick up a copy of Dorie’s book.    Thank you Beth for truly delicious and decadent (yet simple to make) selection this week.