First of all, I apologize to anyone that may have stopped by last week and discovered that I was MIA on Tuesday (and the entire rest of the week for that matter).  I was actually looking forward to making the 15 Minute Magic Chocolate Amaretti Torte but a lack of time and availability of ingredients at my local store made participation difficult enough to dissuade me from trying.

In fact, I very nearly missed this week too (can you believe it, two chocolate recipes in a row and I almost missed out on both!). “Prince Charming” and I have been rather immersed in a side project for the past week and a half or so; neither one of us has accomplished much of anything else.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures at all this week (I know, shame on me) but since I did in fact make the bread pudding I felt I should share.

So, without further ado…this week Lauren of Upper East Side Chronicle picked the Four Star Chocolate Bread Pudding on pages 410 and 411 of Dorie’s book.   Bread pudding doesn’t generally top my list of desserts, but chocolate certainly does so I was intrigued.

Not that this should be a surprise to any of my usual readers, but I felt it necessary to make a few changes…

First, my local store didn’t have any of the recommended bread types so I was forced to improvise.  I decided to use Hawaiian sweet bread as my base for this recipe; which is a favorite of “Prince Charming”‘s.

Second, as I’m sure you are aware, I really don’t like fruit with my chocolate so neither the raisins nor the dried cherries appealed to me.  Instead, I decided to turn my chocolate bread pudding into triple chocolate bread pudding.  I mixed white chocolate chips and semisweet chocolate chunks in with the stale bread cubes.

Other than that, I followed the recipe religiously.  “Prince Charming” and I finally found a little time tonight to taste test the results.  I wouldn’t say we were wowed by this dessert, but as bread puddings go it was certainly very good.  And, of course, it met one of my primary criteria just by being chocolate.

I did find that although I pulled the pudding from the oven as soon as the knife came out clean the top was a bit drier/tougher than I would have liked and I think if I make it again I would use a deeper pan rather than the 13″x9″ pan.

I did not have any problem with the bread absorbing the custard mix and you could still see the white of the bread amongst the deep chocolate of the pudding.

Overall, I would say this was a good recipe and one that I will consider making again.  If I can, I will try to get at least one picture to post over the next day or so.

Thank you, Lauren, for your selection.  If any of you would like to try this for yourselves, head over to her site for the full recipe and enjoy all the hundreds of interpretations of chocolate bread pudding floating around the internet this week.