It’s that time again, time for another TWD post.  Can you believe we have yet another chocolate recipe this week?  That makes 3 chocolate recipes in a row!

This week Kim of Scrumptious Photography chose the Chocolate Cream Tart on pages 352 and 353 of Dorie’s book.

The feedback on the P&Q indicated that this was an intensely chocolaty dessert, and I must say it didn’t disappoint.  Not that I followed the recipe quite exactly…but then again, when do I?

I did use the chocolate tart crust – although I needed 1.25 times the recipe because my tart pan is 11″ rather than 9″.  I also made the filling and topping strictly according to the recipe (with a slight increase to account for pan size).  So you’re probably wondering what exactly it was that I changed if I followed the recipe for all 3 elements of the dessert…

Well, I decided to make mine into a Turtle Cream Tart.  After I baked and cooled the crust I put a layer of glazed pecans over the bottom – just enough to mostly cover the bottom of the crust.  I then poured a layer of caramel ice cream topping (not the thin syrupy stuff, the real thick stuff that doesn’t pour at all unless it is hot) over the nuts – just enough to completely cover them without adding too much more depth.  After that I assembled the rest of the tart according to the instructions.

Whole tart

Here’s a picture of the completed tart.  I was feeling a little too lazy to make chocolate curls to garnish the top with so I went with the light dusting of cocoa powder.

Tart slice

And here is the very first slice.  You can see the filling and topping set up nicely and the caramel is just barely oozing out the cut edge.  “Prince Charming” found the chocolate to be a bit darker than he was expecting in a cream pie, but he did like it.  Personally, I love a rich dark chocolate flavor and the crunch of the nuts along with the crust provided a nice textural contrast to the creamy filling and whipped cream topping.  As much as I enjoyed this the first night I actually thought it improved by a night in the fridge.

If you love chocolate and cream pies in general I strongly advise you to head over to Kim’s site (or pick up Dorie’s book) for this recipe.  It is well worth making – Thank you Kim for this week’s selection.  As usual, don’t forget to check out the TWD blogroll for more chocolate cream fun.