I know I was supposed to make Floating Islands this week, and they did look lovely in the picture in Dorie’s book, but I’m afraid the extent of my cooking this weekend was throwing something in the slow cooker so “Prince Charming” would have leftovers for lunch this week.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t head over to Shari’s site (Whisk: a food blog) for the recipe or hit the TWD blog roll to see what everyone else did.  I hope to be back with more TWD goodness next week.

But, since I didn’t make what I was supposed to and I don’t want to leave you hanging yet again, I thought I would take some time to share a new toy that I got for Christmas that is definitely great culinary fun…

What is this fabulous toy?  It is a Skookie skillet set.  If you’ve never heard of this you should take a peak at the Camp Chef web site.

Do you really need the Skookie set to enjoy this culinary fun?  Well, no – you just need a small cast iron skillet or two.  But, the set is just so cute and handy.


(image courtesy of www.kaboodle.com)

The set comes with 2 skillets, 2 heating pads and a recipe/care booklet.  Some kits also come with either a cookie or a brownie mix.

My mother gave me my set for Christmas and I was so impatient to get through the holiday treats in my house so I would have an excuse to play with my new Skookie set.  I have always loved this dessert in restaurants (typically found in brewery/restaurant establishments) so I was excited to make it at home.  How can you beat gooey, hot, barely baked cookie (or brownie), topped with ice cream and hot fudge?

I chose to use the Annie’s Amazing Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies recipe that they are kind enough to share on the Camp Chef website.  I pressed about 1/2 cup of dough into each skillet and baked for about 10 minutes.

As soon as I removed them from the oven I topped each Skookie with Chocolate Moose Tracks ice cream (chocolate ice cream with mini peanut butter cups and fudge swirl) and a peanut butter fudge sauce that I make by melting together chocolate bits, chocolate syrup and peanut butter.

“Prince Charming” and I thoroughly enjoyed these, each one is probably a little too big for an individual serving, but we managed to finish every last gooey, chocolaty bite.  In the future, we’ll probably share one between the two of us but at the time I think we both agreed they were well worth the over stuffed feeling as long as it was just that one time.

I’m sorry I didn’t have Floating Islands for you this week, but I hope you enjoyed learning about Skookies!