Welcome to today’s somewhat later than intended installment of TWD.  This week’s recipe is Caramel Crunch Bars on pages 112-113 of Dorie’s book.  We have Whitney of What’s Left on the Table to thank for this delicious selection.

Yet again I find myself without step by step photos, but the preparation method for these bars was very similar to the World Peace Cookies prep method so I really wouldn’t have been presenting anything terribly new (how’s that for an excuse?).

caramel crunch bars

Here they are in all their glory.  Dorie gave a few different serving suggestions to include caramel sauce, fudge sauce and even some very nice looking ice cream sandwiches.  Normally I’m all for making a dessert gooier, but I truly felt that these bars stood on their own as a delectable dessert.

While there was no actual caramel in the recipe the shortbread style cookie base did have a distinctly caramel flavor due to the combination of brown sugar, butter and coffee which provided the bitter undertones of a good caramel.

I made two slight changes from the recipe as written.  A number of TWD’ers mentioned that the recipe as written resulted in a very crisp/crunchy bar.  As I may have mentioned, I don’t much care for that so I used 1.5 times the recipe to make mine.  The bars had a chewier texture, but they were a little too thick to reasonably expect to make ice cream sandwiches from (a good thing I liked them on their own!).  I also saw a few mentions of the toffee not sticking to the chocolate as well as expected/hoped.  To prevent that possible issue I used the milk chocolate heath baking pieces – the milk chocolat e melded with the semisweet chocolate of the topping and helped hold the toffee in place admirably.

Over all, I would call this my first unqualified TWD success in at least several weeks.  Thank you Whitney for your choice.   For those of you impatient to try your own hand at making these, head over to Whitney’s site for the recipe or check out Dorie’s book.