*Updated 1/31/09*

Somehow I’ve fallen into a temporal anomoly and tomorrow just didn’t arrive until today.  That sounds somewhat nonsensical, I know, but when you get right down to it, does tomorrow ever really arrive?

Anyway, thank you all for your patience with my unexpectedly extended delay.  It might make things easier all around if I just let you all know why I’ve been feeling so lousy lately…

You see, “Prince Charming” and I are expecting the arrival of our first little prince or princess in September.  As excited and thrilled as I am with the prospect of being a mother, the first stages of this pregnancy are pretty much kicking my butt.  So,  while I will be doing my very best to continue participating on a weekly basis this may not be the last delayed post over the next several months.

Anyway, on to what you are really interested in…

Heather of Sherry Trifle selected this week’s recipe (found on page 212 of Dorie’s book).  I was really very excited about this recipe.  This was the first TWD recipe in some time to include chocolate without any changes or manipulation by me.    And, as a bonus, ginger is supposed to be a natural cure for nausea, how much more perfect could it get?

To be honest, gingerbread is not one of my favorite confections.  But, chocolate improves just about anything and I could really use something to settle my stomach.

I was hesitant to use too much ginger so I opted to use only the fresh ginger and the ground ginger in mine.  The recipe came together pretty easily – the batter was quite thick and smelled wonderful even before putting it in the oven.

I didn’t have the correct size pan, as Dorie warned on the P&Q you really do need a true 9×9 inch pan.  I used the closest I had and thought that I had very carefully filled it only 3/4 full but apparently that was just a little too full.  My cake went over in the oven (thank you Dorie for the instructions to put a baking sheet under this cake!) resulting in a somewhat sunken center.

full cake

Chocolate glaze can cover a multitude of sins, but it just couldn’t fill that dip in the center of this cake.  I used a double batch of the glaze so I could cover the sides of the cake as well (because the glaze was poured on about 1/4 of it ended up on the wax paper under the rack in my efforts to coat the sides).

slices of cake

I planned to take this cake to work with me so I cut the pieces a bit smaller than Dorie suggested so they would be easier for my colleagues to eat and there would be a taste for everyone.

My co-workers seemed to enjoy this one and “Prince Charming” liked the hint of coffee in the chocolate glaze.  I found that the fresh ginger brought a bit of heat to the cake that you don’t generally get from the ground ginger.  It was quite moist and I was surprised by how well the chocolate and gingerbread complimented each other (not a flavor combination I would have decided to use on my own).  Unfortunately, it was not the magic cure for my perpetually upset stomach – I guess I’ll just have to keep looking.