Here we are on Tuesday again; this time of year time compresses and I can’t explain where each week went.  This week’s TWD assignment is Buttery Jam Cookies selected by Heather of Randomosity and the Girl.  This is another one of those recipes that I wouldn’t have dreamed of picking myself – no chocolate and I despise apricots (I can’t explain it, but I have simply never liked them).  But there again, why did I join TWD – to continue making the same types of recipes I always choose for myself? I think not.

So I opened Dorie’s book to page 80, buckled down, and made these cookies with only a couple of modifications…

Thankfully this recipe was a breeze to put together; between all the rest of my holiday baking (I’m so sorry I haven’t been sharing!) and something that might be a stomach flu I just wasn’t feeling up to making anything complex.

Like most buttery cookie recipes this started with creaming the butter and sugar then adding the egg.

Followed by blending in the milk and vanilla.  I’m glad Dorie mentioned that the mixture may look curdled after this addition, mine certainly did.

Since, as I mentioned, apricots and I have a rather standoffish relationship I chose to use a home made apple spread – in taste and texture it falls somewhere between apple jelly and apple butter.

Finally the dry ingredients get mixed in.  I chose to use allspice rather than ginger to compliment the apple flavor – and as you can see, I neglected to sift it into the rest of the dry ingredients.

Heading Dorie’s warnings about overmixing I finished blending the dry ingredients in by hand.  The resulting dough was very thick and sticky.

I used my smallest cookie scoop to deposit the dough on the baking tray (I did a half batch so I only needed one tray).  I left the dough exactly as it came out of the scoop and popped them in the oven.

10 minutes later I removed the cookies from the oven and immediately rolled them in a cinnamon and powdered sugar mixture so they looked lightly dusted with snow.

“Prince Charming” liked the powdered sugar coating and thought they tasted ok, but he wasn’t thrilled by the texture which was certainly more cakey than flakey.

I can’t say that I will every make these again, but I appreciate the experience and I’m glad I made them.  Thanks to Heather for her selection this week – don’t forget to head over to her blog for the recipe!  And, as always, take some time to peruse the TWD Blogroll to see what others have done with this week’s assignment.