The honeymoon is over and it is time to get back to life as usual, which means it is time to resume posting here (one of the good things about coming back!).

This wedding cake turned out to be quite the saga of triumphs and tregedies.  I wish I had been able to chronicle it better for you, but I really did not have the time in the midst of all the final wedding preparations.  Before mom and I got started I just did not fully grasp the scope of the project.  I had selected all of the cake sizes and I had even seen the pans arranged to look like the finished cake, but it wasn’t until we started baking the various tiers and putting them together that I realized how large the cake truly was.

Mom had a schedule for us to follow that should have resulted in a relatively smooth path to completion, however, the cake just did not want to cooperate…

We had cakes that refused to release from the pans even though the pans were prepared exactly the same as they had been for previous layers that released perfectly.  We had layers that rose beautifully in the oven only to resemble shallow bowls inside the pans after cooling.  The chocolate fudge cake that had worked so perfectly for us during our tests failed us completely when it came time for the real thing – we ended up using an actual brownie recipe for the layers sandwiching the cheesecake on the top tier and side cakes.

Even the cheesecake recipe that we were certain was perfect for this cake wasn’t without its trials.  The frosting stubbornly refused to adhere to the cheesecake layer.  Mom saved the day (not to mention the top tier and two side cakes) by coating the outside edge of the cheesecake with a wafer thin layer of white chocolate which held the frosting perfectly.

We may not have been able to stick to mom’s schedule and everything may not have gone perfectly smoothly but we still managed to get the cake done.  Assembly of the final cake couldn’t happen until we were on site, so the morning and early afternoon of the wedding day saw mom and I (mostly mom since I also had to get myself ready to walk down the aisle) frantically repairing any travel damage and assembling the layers into the final cake.  And it was gorgeous (even if I do say so myself)!

Here is a shot of the full cake, the main cake is sitting on 7 inch pillars, the first side cake on 5 inch pillars and the final side cake on 3 inch pillars to give a stepping stone effect.

Here is a close up of the top tier and cake topper.  Mom did the pearl borders and I did the lace work pattern and arranged the sprays of flowers down the sides of the cake (not the purple flowers you see on the left, those are real flowers arranged by my florist).

This is a close up of the two side cakes, one of which even has its own little topper – Cinderella’s pumpkin coach in blown glass.  Mom did the borders on these cakes as well.  I piped the swags and arranged the pansies on their scroll-work trellises.

I would have to say that this cake far exceeded my expectations.  While there were definitely some tears along the way, I have not a single regret about taking on this project and I can’t thank my mom enough for all the time and effort she put into this!