Firstly, thank you to Laurie for relaxing the rules this week; allowing us to post Vibi’s (La casserole carrée) apropos selection after our Thanksgiving feasting.  How much more perfect could the recipe assignment for the week of Thanksgiving be than a pie that has Thanksgiving in its very name?

This week we are making Thanksgiving Twofer Pie.  If you are not familiar with it, this pie essentially takes two Thanksgiving classics and smashes them together in a single pie plate.  Now personally I absolutely love pecan pie (the only thing better is chocolate pecan pie) but pumpkin pie has always been missing something for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I like pumpkin pie and I make at least one every year but given a spread of desserts that often averages one to two full desserts per person at the table there is always something that I will choose before pumpkin pie.  After reading this recipe I had very high hopes – perhaps pecan pie is what had been missing from pumpkin pie…

Before I continue I’d just like to set some expectations.  Normally, in years when I haven’t taken 3 weeks of vacation before I even get to Thanksgiving, I take the entire week of Thanksgiving off and spend the Monday through Wednesday preceding the holiday doing all of my prep work for the holiday feast.  This year, since I did take 3 weeks of vacation time before reaching the holiday season, I simply could not take that time off.  So, why did I just waste an extra minute or two of your time with this little blurb?  Well, due to normal holiday insanity being crammed into after work hours I neglected to take my usual step by step photos.   In fact, I’m sorry to say, the only photos I took were of the end product – I do hope you’ll forgive me just this once!

I believe there are only a few things to note prior to sharing those final photos:

1) I followed Dorie’s suggestion to use her “Good for Almost Everything Pie Dough” – I found this dough very easy to bring together and both “Prince Charming” and I agree that it was a nicely flavorful and flaky crust.  I did however find it a bit softer than the dough I’m accustomed to working with (I ended up using less water than the recipe called for and still had a very soft dough) and the crimps in the edges of my pie shell “blurred” (for lack of a better term) a little during baking.

2) My food processor desparately needs to be replaced, or parts of it do (the plastic housing for the blade attachment is cracked and getting worse), so I mixed the pumpkin filling in my stand mixer.  I don’t think it was any the worse for this minor change.

3) I didn’t actually measure the pecan halves – I just put a nice even layer of them over the pumpkin filling so I really can’t say how much I used, but I’m guessing a little more than the recipe called for.

Now, without further ado…

I present to you Dorie’s Thanksgiving Twofer Pie!

Well, from this angle I must admit it looks a whole lot like its progenitor, the pecan pie.  But do not be deceived…

There is all that beautiful pumpkin! Our household food critic (aka “Prince Charming”) gave it three thumbs up (he borrowed one of mine, does that still count??).

I think next time I make it I will toast the pecans first and maybe add a little more flavor directly to the nuts before adding them to the mix (butter, sugar, spices, something along those lines).  I also prefer my pumpkin pie set a little bit more than this one so I’m thinking another 5 minutes or so on the bake time.  Other than that, I’m also a fan of the Twofer pie.

Thank you, Vibi, for your holiday themed pick of the week!  For those of you looking for the recipe, head over to Vibi’s site or check out page 321 of Dorie’s Baking: From My Home to Yours.  Don’t forget to visit the TWD Blogroll for other TWD-ers’ Twofer Pie experiences.