We have a winner!

After the disappointment of the Deep Dark Rich Chocolate Fudge cake, we had to scramble to try out new recipes.  Would you believe we got lucky with the very first one we tried?  This recipe is adapted from one that I found on Epicurious.  I was a little hesitant to try it because the user reviews were a mixed bag ranging from people claiming it was a dry crumbly disaster to people claiming it was the best chocolate cake they had ever made or tasted.

I decided it probably fell somewhere in the middle and hoped that it fell closer to the positve side of that bell curve. I chose to give it a whirl, after all, what is the worst that could happen?  But, I did take the Epicurious reader comments to heart and adjusted the recipe accordingly.

My mother and I could not be more pleased with the results.  I wish I had had a camera on hand so I could share the step by step process with you (the camera I am using right now is actually “Prince Charming”‘s and he needs it for work, hopefully I will have my own soon) but I did get some pictures of the final product for you.

This cake does have a few rough spots on it because 1) we got distracted and neglected to remove it from the pan in a timely manner and 2) the original recipe instructs you to butter and parchment line the pans but doesn’t say anything about flouring the pan.  For the actual wedding cake we will be dusting the inside of the pans with a flour and cocoa mixture.  One of the most positive things about this cake is how well it filled the bevel edged pans – especially how neat and even the edges of the cake made in the shallow bottom bevel pan turned out.  And just look at the texture of this cake!

I love a cake with crumbs that stick to the fork, it makes it so much easier (and more dignified) to get every single last delicious crumb up off the plate.  This cake is perfectly moist, the flavor is rich, dark and very chocolaty.  Also, it is dense enough to support the cheesecake layer with out any more support than we had already planned. I cannot wait to taste this cake sandwiched around creamy cheesecake layers with dark chocolate caramel ganache between the layers, and the whole thing enrobed in caramel frosting.