Disappearing Act

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Well, it appears I have this disappearing act down pat; I don’t even need to practice, I simply need to be too busy (or lazy) to sit in front of my computer and write up new posts to share with you. The truly sad thing is that I have so very much to share!

Anyone that has been checking in on this site might think that I haven’t been baking at all in the past…um…several…months when, in fact, the exact opposite is true. You may have noticed that although I didn’t find time to do full posts on them I did post 9 new recipes to my recipe index (5 in March and 4 just a couple weeks ago). But those recipes represent only the tiniest fraction of my baking experiments and adventures.

I find myself spending a prodigious amount of time on TasteSpotting and FoodGawker each week (some might say a bit too much time). By the time my weekend rolls around I’ve managed to collect an impressive stack of recipes that I simply must try.  Sometimes they sound perfect just as they are written but more often than not the recipes I find inspire me to create new versions of my very own.  On average I’ve been testing four new recipes a week which involves running through the recipes once as written and then testing the variations I’ve dreamed up, both small and large.  On more ambitious weekends I’ve been known to try as many as 8 new recipes because I just couldn’t narrow it down any further than that.  Let me tell you, my co-workers (and Prince Charming’s as well) have definitely enjoyed this flurry of baking but I’ve decided that I need to cut back a bit so that I can take the time to share these baking adventures with you…so, let’s give this another go, shall we?

A long winter’s nap

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I must apologize for my unexplained and much extended absence; I feel like I’m just waking up from a chaotic whirl of a dream. It has just now come to my attention that my most recent post is from about 3 months ago! Completely inexcusable, so I won’t attempt to make any excuses (they would be feeble and boring anyway, I assure you).

Let me just say that I am back with recipes and pictures from the holidays to share and new recipes and ideas for the new year. Look for new posts beginning this week with will include additions to my recipe index (another thing I’ve neglected for far too long).   I’ll be seeing you soon!

I’m back!

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Well, more or less anyway.

For those of you who don’t know, my roughly 3 month hiatus from this blog was due to the birth of my first child – a beautiful baby boy.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I really didn’t feel up to baking and I wasn’t supposed to be spending any time on my feet (doctor’s orders).  I rather naively thought I’d be able to get back to baking once the baby was born – he’d be sleeping a lot, right?

While he does in fact sleep quite a bit it has taken him nearly 2 months to settle into something sort of resembling a schedule.  Now that he has, I will be baking more frequently which means I’ll be back to posting here again.  I apologize for my long absence, but it was what I needed to find some balance in my life again.

Comments Captcha

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Despite the very young age of my blog I am already getting inundated with spam comments.  I would much rather read the real comments from all of you without having to filter through and moderate a multitude of spam comments.  So, I decided to add a Captcha image to the comment form.  I know they can be somewhat of a pain, so I apologize, but I felt it was a necessary step.

If you would like to avoid dealing with the Captcha, please feel free to register for the blog.  Registered users who are logged in will not be prompted to enter Captcha information.  Registration links can be found in the right sidebar.

Welcome to Chit Chat

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Since this is the very first post in this area I believe an explanation is in order.  The Chit Chat area of Chocoholic Anonymous is dedicated to exploring new recipes (and some old favorites) with you, my guests.

This is where I will describe my successes, my failures, and my trials and tribulations along the way to either.  Most of the posts here will include full recipes (unless I decide it is unethical to post them) and photographic evidence of my attempts to create culinary gems.

I encourage you to visit, and comment, frequently.  All I ask is that you keep the content of your comments appropriate (no vulgarity please!).  At this point in time I commit myself to reading all comments on this site and replying as frequently as I can (and I hope I never have to rescind that commitment).