The Little Prince’s First Birthday

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I mentioned in one of my TWD posts that I had made a special cake for “the Little Prince’s” first birthday celebration and promised pictures.  It is now a couple weeks after the fact, but I am very proud of my very first birthday cake effort so I still wanted to share.

I actually had some difficulty deciding what I wanted to do for his cake, it’s not like a one year old can tell you exactly what he wants his cake to look like.  After a fair amount of pondering I came up with a plan.  It’s possible that I may have gone a tad bit over board, I know he won’t remember his first birthday cake, but I wanted to do something special and I will always have the pictures to show him.

And here it is!

“The Little Prince” has loved splashing in the water pretty much since his first bath, and on a recent trip to Oregon we discovered that he definitely enjoyed the whole beach experience so I decided to make his cake into a little beach scene.  Off to the left you can see the little smash cake I made for him in the form of a small sand pail.  I wanted to make sure our guests had a choice of flavors so the cake is actually comprised of three different flavors of cake.  The large base is a S’mores cake (two layers of chocolate cake sandwiching a sheet of homemade marshmallow coated in graham cracker crumbs), the ball is a white chocolate cream cake and the pail is a strawberry rhubarb cake.  The smash cake was made from the trimmings off the S’mores cake.

It took a little effort to convince him that this was something he could eat, but once he was convinced he was ready to dive right in.

Before I knew it, this was all that remained (and yes, he was using the sand shovel as a spoon!).  I really shouldn’t have allowed him to eat this much cake, but he managed to accomplish this while I was distracted serving cake to our guests.

This cake ended up being so much more work than I was expecting – I have frequently helped my mother with projects like this, but I have never done one solo before now – but it was completely worth it.  I’m really looking forward to when he and I can pick out his cake theme together, and making him his dream cake every year.

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7 Responses to “The Little Prince’s First Birthday”

  1. Hanaa Says:

    That’s a really cute cake and the flavors sound wonderful too. I can’t believe this is your first bday cake. Your little one is super adorable! :o)

    First time here. Will browse around a little. I like the colors you’ve chosen (can you tell my fav color is brown?) :o)

  2. C. A. Says:

    Thanks for stopping by! I love getting feedback, especially when it is positive 🙂

    What other color scheme could a chocoholic choose? 😉

  3. pamela Says:

    Wow! What a fantastic cake. Not only does it look stunning, but it sounds like some delicious cake options. Congrats! And Happy Birthday to your little one.

  4. LimeCake Says:

    that cake looks yummy! the messier the better!

  5. Emily Says:

    He is so cute!!

    The cake looks awesome. Great job! Hopefully someday I can decorate a cake like that!

  6. C. A. Says:

    Pamela – Thanks! And thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes for my Little Prince.

    LimeCake – I figure the amount of mess directly relates to how much he enjoyed the cake 🙂

    Emily – Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the feedback and I’m quite sure you will be able to decorate a cake better than this!

  7. Mary Says:

    What an adorable cake! What an adorable kid!